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FX Road Review: Is it Really Worth it?

Fx Road Review


In the era of virtual trading, globally, FX Road is the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to get into the trading world. FX Road is dedicated to serving the trading community in the best way possible and thus provides its users with complete transparency and provides them with easily accessible opportunities to grow with respect to their trading journey. 

This platform provides a hassle-free user experience by making sure that the interface is user-friendly.

FX Road adheres to all the rules and regulations required by the respective regulatory bodies. Not only does it provide various types of accounts for the traders to choose from but it also provides the option of a free virtual account for the users to gain experience on the platform. 

FX Road review

Features of FX Road

FX Road focuses on providing its users a well-diverse and enhanced trading experience. Some of its unique features are given below.

Feature  Availability
Virtual Account Yes
Gold Account Yes
Silver Account Yes 
Platinum Account  Yes
Islamic Account  Yes
Beginner Friendly  Yes
Licensed  Yes
Regulated by FSA
Data encryption  Yes
Leverage 1:200
Spreads  Starting from 0.6 pips
Support [email protected]
Webinars and educational material Yes
Professional Assistance Yes
Minimum Deposit  250 EUR

Security and Regulations of FX Road

FX Road is a highly secure platform regulated by FSA. In order to ensure that they are trusted by their users, FX Road offers complete transparency and no hidden charges. 

Right to cancel an order: 

The users will have the right to cancel their order at least for a period of 2 seconds after their “Call” or “Put” decisions.


FX Road is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Seychelles. They thus provide complete user privacy and encryption. 


The platform provides complete transparency and has 0% hidden costs in order to gain the complete trust of its users. It is an important security feature as FX Road believes in empowering the traders by platform transparency and accessible trading opportunities.

Anti-money laundering (AML) policy

Users must ensure to submit the necessary documents to complete the KYC procedure. This is important as the platform adheres to the regulator’s AML policy and regulation policy.

Pros and Cons 

Despite these many features, there are some pros and cons to it. 

Pros Cons
Vast trading instruments Stop-loss not guaranteed
Beginner friendly Limited premium benefits
Advanced tools for analyzing  Limited educational resources
24*5 customer support  

Types of Accounts on FX Road Website

FX Road provides a variety of accounts that users can choose from. If the users are not familiar with the type of account that will be suitable for them, they may contact the support team for further guidance. There is a 0% deposit commission on all kinds of accounts provided by the platform.

Silver Account: 

For users who wish to get support for CFD trading or might be starting their journey as a trader, the silver account is the best option. The spreads start from 2.6 pips and the leverage goes upto 1:200.

Gold Account

The Gold Account is suitable for traders who wish to continue their trading journey and grasp more opportunities. The spreads start from 2 pips and a leverage upto 1:200.

Platinum Account 

If you are a trader with experience, then the Platinum account is the right choice for you. This account provides the traders with an intensive trading experience. Spreads start from 1.4 pips and a leverage of upto 1:200.

Islamic Account

For the traders of the Islamic faith, the Islamic Account is the right choice. This account is Shariah-compliant and adheres to the principles of Islamic finance. This account comes with zero night rollovers and highly tight spreads.

Virtual Accounts

For users to get a hand on trading, it is important to have a practical experience. Users can opt for a free virtual account on FX Road. This comes with a balance of a good $100,000 using which the users can learn and test their skills before opening a real account and exercising a real trade.

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Sign Up for FX Road

Users can start their trading journey at FX Road by following these steps.

Step-1: Visit the FX Road official website and select “Open Account” in the top right corner.

Step-2: Fill in the Personal details required for the account.

Step-3: Accept the terms and conditions and you will receive a confirmation mail.

Step-4: Upload the required documents and make the deposit.

Step-5: You have opened yourself a trading account on FX Road.

How to login on FX Road?

Use the registered mail id and password to log in to your FX Road Account.

Trading platforms 

Whether you are a budding trader, just starting with your trading journey or a professional trader with lots of trading experience, FX Road provides its services for all kinds of users.

Android Application

The platform is available for all Android users on their devices, in the form of an application platform. Users can also enable the push notifications to stay updated with all the news related to their assets and market. 

iOS Application

Users can enjoy trading from their Apple iPhones and iPads in their comfort.  With its hight security features, traders can experience seamless trading. 


FX Road’s web-based platform is fully functional, which makes it an excellent choice for traders who want to work from their desired devices. This eliminates the need for downloading separate software, completely.

Deposits and Withdrawal

The platform has flexible payment methods. Some of the options are:

  • Google Pay
  • ApplePay
  • Visa Debit
  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • Mastercard

How to deposit funds?

Step-1: Login to your FX Road trading account.

Step-2: Select “Deposit” from the dashboard

Step-3: Select the account you want to deposit the amount in and a suitable payment method. 

Step-4: Enter the amount and complete the transaction.

How to Withdraw funds?

Step-1: Login to your account

Step-2: Select “Withdraw” and the account you want to withdraw funds from

Step-3: Select the desired payment method. 

Step-4: Enter the amount and proceed for withdrawal. 

Support Team of FX Road

Users can access the customer support team directly from their official website.

Select the “Live Chat” option tot connect with a support agent. Users can also mail the support team directly at their mail- [email protected] or their support contacts:

Country  Support Contact
India +911171279109
Brazil +5561947565589

Users may also fill out the form available on the “Contact Us” page of their official website. 


How do I open an account on FX Road? 

Visit the official website of FX Road and Click on “Open Account”. Fill in the required information, upload the documents, and register yourself. You have now successfully opened a trading account on FX Road.

How many account types are available?

At FX Road, users have options to choose from 4 types of accounts Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Islamic.

Can I change the Account currency? 

If a user desires to change their account currency they may contact the customer support team for further assistance for the same.

What is the Minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit amount is 250 EUR.

Are there any charges for deposits or withdrawals?

The platform doesn’t charge any fee for deposits or withdrawals. The service provider may ask for additional charges. 

Are clients provided with any educational material or webinars?

Yes, the clients are provided with educational material on the platform as it focuses on improving client experience and their knowledge.

How to contact FX Road?

Users can access the customer support team directly from their official website. Select the “Live Chat” option to connect with a support agent. Users can also mail the support team directly at their mail- [email protected] or their support contacts available on their website.

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