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Kibho Coin: Everything You Need to Know

Kibho Coin


Kibho Coin is the currency token launched for trading purposes by the Kibho Technologies Pvt Ltd. platform, also known as BMUU. It is a private company operating under the MLM or Multi-Level Marketing strategy and aims to maximise profits for stock traders. 

It is an India-based company headquartered in Andhra Pradesh, registered under the RoC Vijayawada with registration number 114616, making it a legitimate platform for secure trading. This company’s two prominent players and promoters are Nirmala Kilaparthi and Venketrao Kilaparthy. 

In this Kibho Coin review we will cover everything you need to know about the currency, check out the quick overview of the company below:

check out the quick overview of the company below:

Company Name Kibho Technologies Pvt Ltd and BMUU
Founded  28th May 2020
Country India
Headquarters Andhra Pradesh
Address D.NO. 39-33-99, Plot NO MIG-287, Phase-II, Madhavadhara, Vuda Colony, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, Pin code – 530018
Registration RoC Vijayawada,Registration number- 114616
Minimum Deposit INR 500
Corporate Identification Number U289999AP2020PTC114616
Official Website
Business Strategy  MLM Scheme
Company Type Company Limited by Shares
Kibho Coin Price Today(22 April,2024) 553.2457 INR

What is Kibho Coin?

Kibho coin is a cryptocurrency token introduced by the platform Kibho Technologies or BMUU despite being a relatively recent company. BMUU Technologies Ltd has been granted permission by the Indian government to provide traders with free trading space using Kibho Coins on its platform while offering digital goods like Exchange and K wallets for fast and secure transactions.

Kibho Coin History

Kibho Coin was introduced by Kibho Technologies Pvt. Ltd on 28th May 2020, when they established themselves under India’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs. It is led by co-founders KM Venketrao and Nirmala Kilaparthy, who are integral to running this business and leading to its continued success.

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The logo for the company is symbolic, depicting five human figures with hands in circles. It features colors such as yellow, orange, purple, blue and green to represent different facets of diversity. At the same time, its white star signifies the unity of its organisation – reflecting how much care was taken in designing its longstanding brand name.

Kibho Coin logo

Kibho Business Plan

Kibho’s primary strategy of business is multi-level advertising, designed to build downline structures to maximize users’ profit and provide maximum returns by offering low minimum deposits while rewarding commissions in cryptocurrency or Kibho coins for users’ deposits.

Male and female users alike can take advantage of holding for 100 days, yielding an annualized return rate of 1.66 per cent after realising the benefits. To attract as many customers as possible to brokers’ platforms, benefits like low minimum deposits, token holding benefits, referral commissions and much more are provided to increase signup rates.

MLMs differ in that the bulk of capital remains with the broker while customers only receive small commissions. After users deposit 500 INR, they will be rewarded 2 Kibho coins in return. As a result, businesses remain profitable but do not bring much benefit to customers, leading to questions over motives and legitimacy of operation.

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Benefits of Trading with Kibho

The broker offers advantages to registered users, including exciting awards and rewards as per the traders’ level, benefits for women and referral income. Let’s look at the benefits in detail:

Rewards and Awards

The rewards depend on individual traders’ performance and achievement level. The rewards are distributed in diverse vouchers and incentives. If a user activates 66 accounts, he/she gets rewards worth a smartphone. Similarly, for opening 132 accounts, reward users with a 2nd Voucher or bike reward. You can also win a car reward through Voucher 3 by opening 1584 active Kibho accounts. 

Special benefit for women

Female users get a unique benefit of 150 additional cryptocurrency tokens that can be used for trading. No charges or commissions are required for getting the additional tokens, making it a steal deal and an excellent perk for female users. 

Referral income

When a new ID is created on the broker platform through your direct referral, you can gain referral income. We could not find any income specification, but it varies depending on the level of the trader.  

Kibho Login Details

When we researched the broker, the Khibo login page was the first website to appear. So, if you already have an account, simply enter your credentials and log in to your account. However, we could not find the site for new registration. 

Kibho coin log in

We also couldn’t find a single operational website for Kibho, which raises questions about the broker’s authenticity. The website that opened did not include any information on the broker. 

Is Kibho Coin Fake or Real?

The broker has legitimate regulation, but many factors like a missing website, lack of transparency, and pyramid MLM scheme business model raise questions over the broker’s legitimacy. Various broker review websites claim that the broker is a scam. 

Since the broker platform is relatively new, it has the benefit of the doubt for its lack of transparency and website. We recommend you not trade on the Kibho platform because of the doubts about its legitimacy, as mentioned above. But you can wait a while for the broker to launch a legitimate website that offers transparency and trading flexibility.

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Kibho Coin Price 

The Kibho Coin price varies just as any other cryptocurrency price. As per the price charts of Coin Brain Kibho coin price today is $6.6359, and the Kibho coin price in India is ₹553.2457. 

Kibho Coin price


Overall, the Kibho platform has attractive schemes and benefits but it has certain drawbacks like lack of transparency, operational broker website, MLM pyramid business model etc. 

Therefore, traders should be cautious and conduct thorough research before diving into the trading world of Kibho Technologies Private Limited. Although there are some major concerns, the broker can get the benefit of the doubt given its legitimate regulation and recent foundation. 


What is the Kibho coin?

Kibho Coin is a cryptocurrency token offered by Kibho Technologies Pvt Ltd as part of their MLM strategy and provides a trading platform with benefits and rewards.

How to purchase Kibho coins?

You can buy Kibho coin on the website of Coinbrain. Just connect your coin wallet and you can purchase kibho coin right after.

How much is 1 Kibho coin price in Indian rupees?

The price of 1 Kibho coin value in Indian rupees is ₹553.2457. You can check out Coin Brain to get latest updates on Kibho coin price prediction. 

Who Operated Kibho Coins?

Kibho Technologies Pvt Ltd manages Kibho Coins under the direction of founders Nirmala Kilaparthi and Venketrao Kilaparthy.

How to Earn Profit Using Kibho Coins?

Users can use MLM to generate profits with Kibho coins by holding them for 100 days and participating in referral programs, receiving commission rewards and benefits.

What is the Business Plan Used by Kibho?

Kibho employs Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), encouraging its users to build downlines to increase profitability. As an MLM platform, commissions, rewards, and benefits for users are provided on Kibho’s platform.

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