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Sensibull Option Chain Analysis

sensibull option trading platform

Does Options Trading ring a bell? It is a trading strategy involving buying or selling contracts called options. The Sensibull Option Chain is a popular choice among options traders. 

In this article, you will find everything about Sensibull’s option chain. And whether Sensibull’s option trading is reliable. 

What is Sensibull?

Sensibull serves as an Indian options trading platform that was established in 2017. It is the best alternative for option traders in India because of its features, which include Options Greeks, Options Chain, Virtual Trading Stimulator, etc.
Founded by Abid Hassan, Sidhart Reddy and Balajee Ramachandran & headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. Sensibull is a broker platform you should explore and benefit from its financial tools. 

Pros and Cons of Sensibull Option Chain

Pros Cons
You can access the best strategy engine and trading platform.Supports limited brokers. It needs to be more straightforward for novice traders. 
If you are a beginner opt for TradeEu as your options trading broker
Sensibull offers features like a virtual trading stimulator, event calendar, etc. 
Comprehensive option chain user interface 
Sensible is a licensed broker under SEBI.
Free on Zerodha and Angel One platforms

A Quick Overview of Options Trading

With options trading, you can make your bet on the price changes of the underlying assets, for instance, stocks. It’s almost like futures trading, only that in this case, what you are doing is calling or putting options that allow someone else to buy or sell those same shares.You can also consider platforms like equiity broker for options trading. 

What is an Option Chain? 

Option chain refers to the list of call and put options strike prices along with their underlying assets and expiration date. It simplifies options trading by putting the available assets or options on a list. 

The underlying assets of these options can be stock or security. You can invest in these assets through the option chain list.

Moreover, the option chain helps you judge an asset’s price hike or drop to help you make an informed decision. 

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How to Analyze Sensibull’s Option Chain?

Sensibull has a convenient option chain user interface. When you go to the Sensibull website for options trading, you will be directed to this page:

How to Analyze Sensibull’s Option Chain?

The sensibull option chain shows you the strike prices. You can call or put the option based on the strike prices. You can also find the price fluctuations and choose the better asset or option to trade with. 

How to do Options Trading on Sensibull?

To perform options trading on Sensibull, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Log in 

The first step to open a trading account on Sensibull is to do so. Log in if you already have an account. You will be directed to the Sensibull dashboard.

Step 2: Customize 

Once you land on the Sensibull dashboard, you have to select the options trading strategy. As seen in the picture below, you will be required to select 

  • Asset Type 
  • Market View: it could be above, below, between, not above or not below as per your preference. 
  • Target: here, it means the price target. 
  • Target Date
How to do Options Trading on Sensibull?

Step 3: Compare and Choose

Once you apply your requirements, many options will fit your target range. Sensibull allows you to compare options and pick the best one. It also offers certain filters to further break down your requirements. 

  • Premium: This filter allows you to buy a premium option and sell the option at a premium price. If you wish to be careful about your returns, this filter can get you guaranteed returns. 
  • Expiry: This filter lets you pick your option based on its expiration dates. Picking the most recent option might be beneficial. 
  • Strategy: You can narrow down your strategies with the help of this filter. 

Step 4: Order

Now that you have selected your preferred option to trade with. Place your Buy or Sell order on the selected option. 

Platforms Offered by Sensibull

Sensibull offers three types of accounts- Lite, Pro and Free account. 

Free Account Lite Account Pro Account 
Minimum DepositThe free account requires no deposit Subscription of 800 INR per month Pro account requires a 1,300 INR monthly deposit
Features The Free account offers an option chain and event calendar. Comparing options
 Advance Event Calendar

Basket Orders

Strategy Generator

Lot Tracking (up to 10 lots)
 Buy Sell data

Black Scholes Analyser 
Everything that is included in the Lite package.

Customised strategies

Trade and position analysis

Lot Tracking (Up to 30)
Upcoming FeaturesNoneHeat Mapping

Paper Trading

Customised Watchlists.

Access to Tradesafe.

Real-time updates on the Market and prices
Tools to analyse market statistics

Customised strategies

More Currency Options.

Real-time market and prices.

Free Account

The Free account only offers the basic features, including a basic option chain and event calendar. It is a recommended platform for beginners as it removes the complications other account types offer.

 With Sensibull’s easy user interface, trading with a free account could become a cakewalk. For free options trading you can also go for Capitalix

Lite Account

Lite accounts require a minimum subscription of INR 800 every month. But it can be money well spent because you can access a wide range of tools and features. If you are an experienced trader, use this account to enhance trading performance with additional tools. 

Pro Account

If you wish to challenge yourself further, trade with Pro Account to get advanced features and tools. You can get access to customised strategies and real-time market information. Going for a pro account is a no-brainer if you are a pro trader. 

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Educational Resources

Sensibull supports several educational resources including video tutorials. Novice traders can take complete advantage of these demo tutorials for free. 

Educational Resources of sensibull

Sensibull Customer Support 

Sensibull does have a chat and email support for customers. So, if you are facing any difficulties, reach out to customer support through: 

You can start a live chat anytime from anywhere through your sensibull dashboard. Sources

We are claiming Sensibull to be a reliable platform for options trading and for using the options chain. These sources give an insight into customer’s experiences and strengthen our claim. Check out what the customer reviews have to say:


Trustpilot, started in 2007, is a reliable place to review brokers. People can share their experiences with brokers, helping others decide if they’re good or not. It’s a trusted site for checking out broker services. Trustpilot has rated Sensibull 3.6 out of 5 stars. The customer reviews on the broker are also positive. 

Trustpilot review screenshot of sensibull

Google Reviews

Google reviews are an excellent source for direct customer reviews. Google reviews on Sensibull have been quite positive. Sensibull users have found it to be a reliable platform for options trading. 

google review screenshot on sensibull ny user

Social Media

We have found Sensibull’s Facebook post with positive customer feedback. You can check out the image below. 

Facebook customer feedback screenshot of sensibull by customer


Overall, Sensibull has a good reputation as an options trading broker. Sensibull provides an easy user interface and transparency in its option chain. Moreover, you can access several tools for market and price analysis. 

It’s like an all-in-one package with great features, strategy customisation and positive customer feedback. Sensibull could be a great choice to fulfil your trading options needs. 


Is Sensibull Regulated?

Sensibull is regulated and Verified under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). So you can enjoy the Sensibull services without any doubts or fear. 

Is Sensibull Good for Options Trading?

We have analysed the platform and found it a good broker for options trading. It is regulated under SEBI and has good customer reviews. 

What are the Features Offered by Sensibull?

Option Chain, Option Greeks, Virtual Trading Stimulator, event calendar, and more tools are available on Sensibull. If you have a Sensibull free account, you can use these features without paying anything.

Is Sensibull Free of Cost?

Yes, Sensibull is free on Zerodha and Angel One. It’s for traders who can not afford Sensibull’s account packages. Sensibull believes in giving equal access to all traders. 

Who Developed Sensibull?

Abid Hussain created and developed Sensibull in Bangalore, Karnataka in 2017. It’s the biggest and oldest options trading platform in India.

Can I Take Trading Advice from Sensibull?

Sensibull’s guidelines don’t allow the broker to give advice. However, you can access many tools and customise your trading journey per your needs. 

Why Should I Trust Sensibull? How Is Sensibull Safe?

Sensibull is a SEBI Registered platform which includes annual audits and meetings to keep track of the company’s performance. Moreover, Sensibull claims to have a strong IT and product team to keep the broker quality in check. 

Can I Practice Paper Tarding on Sensibull?

Yes, you can practice paper trading on sensibull! The platform offers you virtual portfolios for you to mock or paper trade without investing money. 

Is Sensibull suitable for beginners?

Yes, Sensibull is beginner-friendly and provides educational resources to help users understand options trading. It offers simplified tools and features suitable for novice traders, making it a good platform to start learning about trading derivatives.

Is There a Demo Video I Can Watch?

Watching the Sensibull introduction video will help you understand the platform better if you’re new to it and don’t know where to begin.

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